History of the Internet:

Logo The Internet had its roots more than 25 years ago. It now links millions of computer users around the globe with a variety of services including electronic mail, file sharing and World Wide Web services.

1969 - The US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration (ARPA) developed ARPAnet to link research laboratories around the US. This military network gradually grew as more and more sites were added, but the system remained complicated.

1984 - The National Science Foundation created the NSFnet to link colleges, universities and research facilities together and also link a growing number of "supercomputers." Crosslinks were developed between the NSF and Military networks, and they changed to a new control language called TCP/IP that made communications easier.

1994 - The number of users on the Internet grew exponentially, both nationally and internationally. The relatively new "hypertext" style programs made using the Internet easier, and World Wide Web use exploded.

1995 - Previously independent consumer networks like Prodigy, America Online and Compuserve developed links to the Internet and millions of additional users were linked together.
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