Boy with Butterfly

The Tropical Butterfly House and Insect Village

Even if the weather outside is frightful, you will find it delightful inside the Tropical Butterfly House where temperatures are always a balmy 80 degrees and the humidity near 80 percent. Surrounded by tropical flora, stroll down a garden path while nearly 1,000 colorful butterflies flutter freely around you.

The Tropical Butterfly House features a rotating variety of free-flying exotic butterflies from around the world including Blue Morphos from Costa Rica, Paper Kites from the Philippines, Peacock Pansies from Malaysia and many more. Some moths also call the Tropical Butterfly House home, including Atlas Moths from Malaysia with wingspans that can measure up to eightinches. You also watch through a window as butterflies and moths emerge from their jewel-like pupae in the emerging room.

Next door to the Tropical Butterfly House, bug-lovers (and even the squeamish) enjoy exploring the Insect Village and meeting its inhabitants.

Even more buggy fun awaits in the Insect Zoo where if you dare, you can touch live hissing cockroaches, walking sticks, giant centipedes and even go eye to eye with a hairy tarantula.

Both the Tropical Butterfly House and Insect Village are permanent exhibits created by Pacific Science Center and housed in the new Ackerley Family Exhibit Gallery.

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