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Encyclopedia Britannica defines Geology as:
The scientific study of the Earth, including its composition, structure, physical
properties and history.

Geology is commonly divided into a number of subdisciplines:
(1) those concerned with the chemical makeup of the Earth, including the
study of minerals (mineralogy)& rocks (petrology);

(2) those having to do with the structure of the solid Earth, as, for example, the
study of the relationships of rocks and geologic features in general (structural
geology)and the science of volcanic phenomena (volcanology);

(3) those concerned with landforms and the processes that produce them
(geomorphologyand glacial geology);

(4) those dealing with geologic history, including the study of fossils and the
fossil record (paleontology),and the evolution of planetary bodies and their
satellites (astrogeology); and

(5) economic geology and its various branches--e.g., mining geologyand petroleum
geology. Some major fields closely allied to geology are geodesy, geophysicsand geochemistry.

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