Student Projects in High-Speed Photography

This is an exhibit of projects by middle and high-school students. The students, who ranged in age from 13 to 18, froze moments in time using inexpensive electronic flash units and triggers. The students typically constructed much of the equipment and devised many of the experimental techniques that were needed for their projects. Some of the projects were long-term, systematic investigations of natural phenomena, while others were primarily intended to capture dramatic moments and present them in an artistic way.

The photographs were taken by students at the following institutions under the sponsorship of Loren Winters:

Casady School, Oklahoma City, OK
Edgerton Exporit Center, Aurora, NE
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM), Durham, NC

Use of These Images

The photographs in this exhibit are the property of the student photographers and/or of Loren Winters. Permission of the copyright holder is required in order to reproduce or distribute any photograph. Teachers who wish to duplicate these images for use in their classes and others who wish to use the images in publications or exhibitions should contact Loren Winters at the following address:
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM)
P.O. Box 2418
Durham, NC 27715

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