Navigating the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is a network
of linked computer documents.

Web "pages" can include text, pictures, sound and even video images. They also include links to other pages. By following the links you can look at pages on computers all over the world.

Underlined words are links to other pages.

  • To follow a link, just move the pointer to it and press the CLICK button.
  • Pictures can be links, too. You'll know a picture is a link if the pointer changes from an arrow to a pointing finger when you place it over the picture.
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Helpful hints

See the whole page.

Some Web pages are bigger than the computer screen. To see the whole page, find the scroll bars at the edge of the screen. They look like this:

Scroll Bar Image
  • Click on the arrows at either end of a scroll bar to see the hidden areas of the page.

Be patient.

Getting documents from computers outside the local network can take time. Remember, the computer you are contacting could be very busy or very far away.
  • Click just once, then wait for the computer to display the new page.
  • Watch the bottom of the screen for messages about what the computer is doing.

Don't panic.

Sometimes the computer you're contacting will be busy or unavailable. If so, you may see an error message.
  • Just click on the word "OK" to make the message go away.